De Södrasjön vandrings-evenemang 2009

This year you good do this walk on 23 or 24 of may, I chose for the 24th because on Saturday we
have to do some groceries shopping for the week.
In 2007 I did this event also but then I walked 25 Km, this year I went for the 40 Km.
You start from the beautiful town of Volendam and where the 25 Km first walk a little piece through the town,
there send the 40 Km up the other way directly in the direction of the little town of Edam.
After this first extra loop you come back in Volendam where you go to the harbor.
From there you go to a new build tourist harbor just outside Volendam called Marina Park.
When you are through this Marina Park you go in the direction of the old town off Monnickendam.
In Monnickendam is a control point in a café called de Zwaan, there you must stamp your own control card,
after that the 25 Km leave this town in the direction off Marken, the 40 Km makes a little detour
through this small town and gets another loop to walk what goes to the town of Broek in Waterland.
When you are there, you are halfway the 40 km route and then you go on your way back passing another
small town with the name Uitdam.
From Uitdam the walkers are going in the direction of Marken,
 you walk over a dyke with on your left side a lake called Markermeer.
In the early days this was a open sea called the Southern Sea ( Zuiderzee ),
this was before they closed it with a dike between the northern parts of the Netherlands.
When you reach Marken you are going through the little streets to the harbor.
In the harbor is the boat waiting to take you back to Volendam where you leave the boat and
take a little piece over the dike where all the souvenir shops are.
You leave the dike behind you and after about 15 minutes through town you are back where it al begun that morning.
I thought it was a nice walk to do and that and I did 40 km that day, but you can also chose for 5, 10, 15 or 25 km.
This walk is all the way over paved roads and it is maybe wise to take something to drink and eat with you because
there are no special refreshments stands during the walk, there are some cafeteria's and snackbars on the way
where you can rest and take a refreshment ( they are standing in your directions map ).

Because of the beautiful weather it was a perfect walking day.
Every year the have a different medal whit something famous from the town on it, this year its the Yellow Bridge.


Bilder från 2007 Nedan bilder från 2009 1.Banken till Edam 2. Sluss i Edam 3 Byggnadsminnet vid sluss i Edam 4. Små-bron i Edam 5. Det zuidpoldermölla i Edam 6. Bron med sluss i Monnickendam 7 te huset i Broek in Waterland.


Mer information över Södrasjön vandring , här : (allena i Nederländska )

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