De fågel Vandring-evenemang på Texel

This walking event is organized by Het Gouden Boltje on Texel and is a very nice walk where you can choose 
5, 10, 15, 20 of 30 km and brings you through the pine forest ,
dunes and beaches in the area off the town called De Koog , witch is on the Westside off the island .
We took the 30 km so we good make some extra miles in preparation for the four days off Nijmegen.
The name off this event is not just a name ,you can expect rare birds when you walk through
the dunes so take a telescope with you too see them better .
When you walk here you are walking over half paved and half unpaved road .

You can do this walk every year on Ascension Day.


Mer information över dessa tur , här (allena i Nederländska)

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