The Bird walking event on Texel 2003
This walking event is organized by Het Gouden Boltje on the island Texel and is a very nice walk where you can choose 5, 10, 15, 20 of 30 km and brings you through the pine forest, dunes and beaches in the area off the town called De Koog , witch is on the Westside off the island . We took the 30 km so we good make some extra miles in preparation for the four days off Nijmegen. The name off this event is not just a name ,you can expect rare birds when you walk through the dunes so take a telescope with you too see them better . When you walk here you are walking over half paved and half unpaved road . You can do this walk every year on Ascension Day.
Info about this walk and other events from this organization can you find here
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Geüpdate op 11 Januari '15
Taking a little rest at this nice church in a town of Koog. With 3 friends through the heath during this walk event.
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