SagaMarsjen 2011

After skip this event for one year, I came back for my third Saga Mars at Stiklestad.
Combined with the Nipstadsmarsch which is held one week earlier in Solleftea I traveled back to Scandinavia.
I had decided to do 35 km on the first day and 25 Km on the second day.
On day one, the finish is in Sul, here I went
with my own car, I did this because otherwise you have to take the bus
that brings you from your hotel or the campsite to Sul and back.
When you are staying in the hotel that is not a problem but when you are on the campsite, like I did this year, and two buses
come to the campsite everybody wants to take a shower, so the shower will be occupied a long time.
From Sul I took the bus to the start at Medstugan where I good start for my 35 Km that day.
Thanks to the good weather and me walking relaxed I found my friends very soon who did 25 km so we continue to walk together.
The routes were again the same as other years, but in this nature there is always something new to see.
At the finish
in Sul was my car waiting on me and with four Swedish ladies in my car I drove back to the campsite.
Here we had the shower all to ourselves, what a luxury.
On Saturday evening we also went to the blisterball but this was very disappointing this year.
Other years there where always around thirty
/fourty people at the ball for the music or to dance.
This year there where only eleven persons.
Around 23:00 we went back to the campsite, the only person who was left was the person who made the live music.
Day two started the same as the first day with a delicious breakfast at Stiklestad hotel for 60 Nkr.
We could start at 07:30, unfortunately my friends were not
arrived so I started and did not see them before I came at the finish.
I had already took a shower and put on some clean clothes and was ready to drive back to
What I did not like was the change of the finish, the other year you came in an open-air theater, now they
 change this to the section in Stiklestad hotel where the openingceremony is held.
The outdoor theater was something special, this new solution is perhaps useful for the organization but less fun for the
With the music and the audience for the hotel and the walkers at one hundred meters from the pass is not a good improvement.
Hopefully they
will change
this in the future.


Kyrkan i Stiklestad och hotellet
Friluftsteater med bilder av kung Olof Haraldsson
Öppning Ceremoni och två vänner med sina egna öppning Ceremoni
Norska militären, som för mig går. Vackra omgivningar
Mysig rastplats Eating something at the rest area and time fresh upp yourself
Start skylt dag 2 Hotande moln. Lyckligtvis är de torra



SagaMarsjen 2009

Yes also this year I was there, I had such a good time last year that I decided to do it this year again
participating in this walking event.
I had 3 weeks vacation and in this vacation I planned two walking events, the Sagamarsjen in Norway and Nipstadsmarschen in Sollefteå, Sweden and off course between the walks normal vacation, so what tourist do, seeing the country.
The routes where not different than the year before, gladly the weather better than last year.
Despites a cold wind on the first walking day, was it between the trees nice walking, only in the open
field you had to put on a jacket, to bad we got some rain in the last kilometer.
The second day was even better, I had chosen to walk the 25 km, because the extra 10 Km on the 35 km route
brought you not much extra to look at, namely a harbor area and a residential quarter.
I was back around 13.00 and that was just before the rain started to fall like they predicted.
This year I did on the first day 35 Km and the second 25 Km and I liked it very much.
The distance that you can do here are 5, 11, 25 and 35 Km, at the control posts can you buy
foot and something to drink for reasonable prices.
What I say last year to, that's to take some warm clothing with you because you are very high up
in Europe and it can cool down very fast during the walk.
I had this year a very nice sleeping place, I had a room in Stiklestad Hotel where they got a special walking arrangement
for participants , you got a room for 400 Norwegian crones (42,50 euro) per person a night with breakfast.
Than you got a luxury room whit 2 beds and you own bathroom / toilet. ( sleeping couch for third person )
A good combination to walk something else one week earlyer is the Nipstadsmarschen in Sweden,
its on the same highed on the map only 365 Km to the east and they have there the 10th anniversary in 2010.
They not have there own website but here you can find al the details in Dutch, English and Swedish. Nipstadsmarschen.html

Well see you next year in Norway at the Sagamarsjen.

Våra hotel rummet Öppning Ceremoni
Bild vid Start 35 Km Vad du ser när du gått
Påpassliga åskådare
Vacker omgivning Jag åt byggnadsminne
Byggnadsminne Kung Carl Johans  trivsam rastplats
  Kaffe och våfflorna.
Byggnadsminne bakefter Stiklestad Hotel
Bilder från andra dag och vacker blå bank


Här ett små film från öppning ceremoni:



SagaMarsjen 2008

What a fun, sociable and relaxing event was this, 60 km above Trondheim, in the small town of Stiklestad.
This event is here already for many years, its there since 1964.
Its also a historical walking event because you are following the first day the route that King Olav the Saint
took in the year 1030 with his army to try to get a piece of Norway.
The first day brings you from the place Medstugan in Sweden too Sul in Norway and you are walking through
beautiful nature like wetlands, forest, you are passing lakes and over mountain terrain.
When you go over the mountain you pass another monument off another King named Carl Johans,
this King went also for battle to Norway only this was in 1835 and he went with 2000 man to conquer a harbor,
but he did not make it with his man because off bad weather conditions.
Somewhere halfway the route is a self control post, what you must do there is simple,
there is a bell you must ring and then somebody is coming to you with a little alcoholic drink.
This guy also has there a campfire burning where you can heat a sausage that he offers to you.
The only thing he is asking if you can take a piece off wood for him for the campfire because he can't
bring not everything with him on the mountain.
So for the people who wants to walk this next year, remember what I told you here.
In spite of the rainy weather the first day was a beautiful walk.
Day two started at Stiklestad where King Olav lost his life and the battle, from there you walk
in the direction of the coast too finally end again in the town off Stiklestad.
This the also you have very nice views over farming land and the sea and also you go through a little forest.
a little disappointing is the industrial area you pass in the 35 km route, but for the next time I know now that
day two for me shall be 25 km because the extra 10 km loop gives not more extra too look at.
When you come to the finish, you arrive in a open-air theatre where a lot off people are waiting for the walkers to come.
Also there is a music band playing there for the walkers.
Here is where you receive your medal and stamps when you have a walking booklet.
Like I said already this was a beautiful event with different distances you can choose from, the choices are 5, 11, 25 or 35 km.
 The first day you go more over unpaved terrain, the next day is more over asphalt.
You can take some food and drinks with you but by the control points is also something you can buy.
What I advise too new walkers that will go here,
take some warm clothes with you because I heart story's over bad weather conditions from other years before.
This was the 45th edition and there where 850 participants ( somebody told me ) and I was one off them.
I know I will do this another time and maybe that good be next year,
so see you at Sagamarsjen.


Öppning Ceremoni Start 35 Km Byggnadsminne Kung Carl Johans    Det själf kontroll Vänner under Sagamarsjen. Dag 2 Ankomst militära på finish

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