NipstadsMarschen i Sollefteå 2011

After skip for one year this event I went back to Sweden to walk for the third time this Nipstadsmarsch.
It still good to come back here in this lovely town where Ångermanälven runs right through.
The routes
stay's like
with many walking events almost the same, so there are no surprises.
So it depends on the weather and how many people will show up for this walkingevent how it will be this year.
Despite it was the tenth time it was held there where not many people who showed up, how this come I don't know.
There are posters and they advertised in local newspapers and also on the national Swedish walking site.
The weather was not the problem this time because that was perfect for walking.
I've enjoyed it again at
the 10 Km on Friday , the 27 Km on Saturday and at the 23 Km Sunday and
then of course the
in the campsite restaurant with 17 of the other walkers.
This is a
nice touch that only can be arranged at a small event like this,
How would that be during the 4 days of Nijmegen
with more than 40,000 walkers, and they all have dinner together.
I will definitely
come back here to go walking again and if you like it you can combine this small walking event with
the Vasaan Marsi in Finland
one weekend earlier or Sagamarsjen in Norway thats held one
weekend later.
If you really wanna go crazy you just do all three in one holiday, you immediately see some of the nice nature of Scandinavia to.
Maybe I'm going to do that
next year?


Bilder på första dagen åt start 
Bilder på den andra dagen på rutten

Lördag kväll diner med några andra vandrare i restaurangen på campingplats
Bilder på den sista dagen



NipstadsMarschen Sollefteå 2009

This year I went back to Sollefteå to walk for the second time the Nipstadsmarschen.
It was almost the same as the other year, they only changed the routes a little so it was shorter.
We started on Friday with rain but it was only 10 Km.
Saturday started also with rain but during the walk it stopped and good we put the rain clothing away.
On this second day we followed the Nipleden route, this is a existing route you can always walk,
total length is 27 Km and you walk a big part next to the
Ångermanälven river.
Its not a flat route there are some nasty hills to take and you feel that good in your legs.
But when you on top of the hill you have a beautiful view on
Saterday evening it was again nice dining in a restaurant in the city with other walkers.
The last day it was already early in the morning nice weather so you good walk in a t-shirt.
This day showed you another part of Sollefteå, att 1 off the control points you good sit att a campfire
in a open shelter nearby a small lake, there you good eat a nice sandwitch
and drink a cup off tea or koffie or a bowl off fruitsoup.
From there you walk throught the forrest to the local ski area called Hallstaberget, here you cross
the skislopes and are you walking in the direction of the camping were it all started that day.
I enjoyed myself again with the people and the surroundings you see and next year I think I'll go back
because they have the 10th annevirsary off this walking event.
A good combination to walk something else is one week later the Saga Marsjen in Norway,
its on the same highed on the map only 365 Km to the west.
This walk was most off the time over unpaved forest-road and gravel paths and small pieces off paved road,
you good make a choice to walk on Friday 10 km ,Saturday 6 , 12 of 27 km en Sunday 6 , 12 of 23 km.
The number off people walking was not much but that's makes it also fun to do this.
This time, there where around 80 participants, spread over the 3 days.
 You can do this in the 3rd weekend off August.
So see maybe next year.

Bilder från i år.

Här ett små film från Hallstaberget :


NipstadsMarschen Sollefteå           

What can I tell you about the NipstadsMarschen , well I can tell you this ,
its a nice three day event what is only organized for a couple off years now , so its a very new walking event.
The start is every day from the camping Ris
who is situated on the river in the middle off Sollefteå.
It begins on Friday evening around 18.00 with a small stage off 10 km.
The first stage shows you already the nice area around Sollefteå where you are and that's very hilly with lots off forest and
with this very nice river Ångerman
älven going through. The next morning it really starts with a stage off 30 km,
this stage brings you again through the woods and when you reach one off the control posts,
where you can also get something to drink and eat , you have a beautiful view on a little lake.
When you walk here sometimes the path is not wider then 40 cm ,and that makes it so fun to walk here,
you have the feeling that you are in the middle off nowhere far from the busy world and stress.
This is so relaxing even when you walking 30 km ,you walk this route by following the
ribbons hanging in trees or when you walk through the city they hang on fences or street signs.
On the way back in the second stage you are walking a part on the local ski slopes,
with on one off the hills a old wooden ski jump, from there you go down and pass a practice area for biathlon athletes,
after this you reaches the city again by crossing the 3 year old bridge Ångermannabron and walk down next to the river and
 cross again the river over the waterpower plant to come out again on the camping site where's something to eat and drink.
 During this walking event the food and drinks are also free.
On Saturday evening the organizers off the Nipstadsmarsch have reserved some tables in a local restaurant where you can have
 dinner with the other participants (this is on your own account) and share some experience off the day with the other walkers.
 After a good night rest the next stage starts Sunday morning at 08.00 and you go for the last 22 km,
I like this one the most because you are walking a big part next to the river Ångerman
älven and sometimes its so close
that when you put your feed not on the path your ending up in the river (Gladly not happen to me).
After the river you go a short piece over the road and suddenly again into the forest where you go uphill and end up at
Österåsens Hälsohem a rest home where you have a marvelous view on the river and the rest off the area.
From there you go down the way you came up and do you pass the local hospital (this is where the people work who organized
 this event) to finally come out again on the camping site. I had a very good time those days and not just because off the
 weather or the landscape but also the company I had from this Swedish lady I walked with those three days.
This walk was most off the time over unpaved forest-road and gravel paths and small pieces off paved road,
you good make a choice to walk on Friday 10 km ,Saturday 6 , 12 of 30 km en Sunday 6 , 12 of 22 km.
The number off people walking was not much this time, there where around 50 participants,
but that's makes it also fun to do this.
You can do this in the 3rd weekend off August.
See you there.


Bilder från omgivningen Sollefteå         

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