De fyra dar från Nijmegen 2009 

First off course the Four days off Nijmegen, here I started already 11 times.
But 2006 did not count because it lasted only one day so lets say I did it 10 and quarter times.
This year I went up for the golden cross, and I got it because I came again like all the years I walked in Nijmegen
to the finish on Friday.
This year the weather was perfect for walking, only on the third day I got rain for the last 15 Km.
The last day I had also some little rain in the morning just when I came to the village Grave, after that it was dry till the finish.
This year it was again a great event where I spoke to a lot off new people, and also people I knew from other events.
Every time I am surprised about the enthusiastic public next to the road and the participants who almost die but won't give up and want to walk the hole 200 km to get that medal.
But when you finish you get that medal what is an official Royally approved decoration
which military may wear on their uniform on official celebrations.

 The last day is always a party with music and thousands off people watching who give you that extra support to the finish. How sore and painful your feet are it does not matter anymore because you did it.
The Four days off Nijmegen is mostly walked on paved road through nice little towns and fields.
When you are on the way, all kind off promotion teams give you things to test like new drinks or candy bars or just caps, apples or like Vitens does, walking water.
Also you can buy all kind off drinks or food like coffee, thee or soup.
But you can always bring your own lunch like the most walkers do.
This event is always in the third week off July.
This year was mine last time, now I have a golden cross for the 10th time I walked it.
The cross for the 11th time with the crown on it shall I do when they organized the 100th 4 days off Nijmegen.
So see you over 7 years in Nijmegen.

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De fyra dar från Nijmegen 2006

I would walked this event for the eight time but maybe you heard something about it by TV or newspaper that after the
first day the other three days where cancelled because off the extreme warm weather.
I had not many problems walking the first day and I was back in Nijmegen at 13.30 but a half hour before I walked on the dike
where so many people fainted and i had the idea that the people where standing still because I walked through it like a
warm knife who goes through butter .
That evening I heard off the 2 walkers who died that day and i was a little shocked by that, I think that the organisation took
a good decision too cancel the rest of the event in spite of the people who still wanted too walk the rest of the three days,
but sometimes you must protect people against themselves because do you really want to go that far that
on the end that very nice medal is laying on your coffin.
Not Me, so I will be next year again for the eight time and then hopefully with some nicer weather.
See you this year in Nijmegen.

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