The Kooikerrun 2008
As a extra practice walk and because it was in the neighborhood I decided to do this tour, I had send a sms till a good girlfriend of me if she was interested too do this walk with me in Hippolytushoef in the north of our state Noord-Holland. She  liked my idea so we went up there where we started from Rijhal Wironruiters what is a local horse riding school. You good start from 9 o'clock, we where there a little earlier but that was not a problem so we went on our way for 25 Km.  After 100 meters somebody told us not too go left at the roundabout but go straight ahead, I think that was because the booklet was already printed before the roundabout was finished. After a couple of hundred meters we must across the highway and when you leaf that behind you, you can enjoy the nice and quiet surroundings and that with very little traffic too watch for( only a horse and carriage and some motorcycles ). After 45 minutes somebody of the organization took a picture off you ( from everybody who was walking ) and ask if you liked some refreshments. When you walk over here you are passing little towns like  Stroe, Noorderburen, De Haukes and also you see a little piece off the Waddensea. Also you passing different locations where ducks, goose and swans are breeding. A couple off hours later we med the guy from the organization again ( yes the one who took the pictures ), he ask if he changed our booklet already because there was a little fault in it. Somewhere in the route they made a mistake, in some place the booklet told us to go left but that had to be right and the next turn was just the opposite, but he told us that the arrows on the ground where placed right. Later we saw under the arrows where the went wrong but under the arrow the wrote " this was wrong in the booklet ", I thought that was funny but it tells you also how easy going this little walking club are. I ask the guy if we maybe missed a control post, but he said "no that's something for the Nijmegen march and by the way you are walking for yourself and the nice route " and I have to say the guy is right. I liked this walk and walked over here 25 Km. You good also choose for 5, 10, 15 or 35 Km. The route goes over 95% paved road and the other 5% is a little piece over a camping site and a very small forest. You can take your own refreshments but there are also some rest points in the route where you can get refreshments ( we did not stop at the rest points ). This is something to do again in the future or maybe another walk from this organization. So see you in the future in Wieringen.
Cows in the top off Noord-Holland And there you see the Waddensea. Beautiful long ditches with many duckweed and frogs. Another nice small kanal, now without duckweed. There walks Karina enjoying the surroundings. Karina and I during this Kooikerrun.
 This walk was organized by Hiking sport association Wieringen Unfortunately, this walking sport association no longer exists, at least they don’t have a website anymore.
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