Höstvandrings 5-Dar Nordsjön-Kustområde



This year I was done with walking but because this event was held in the area where I live, I was thinking
maybe I can do go there and walk this.
First I had to look at my work schedule what shift I had, I saw there where 3 days of nightshift,
when its not to busy you have the change to go early home.
It was busy on my work but thanks to my colleague's who did a good job in the evening shift I good go
from the 3 nights 2 nights early to home, so I good walk 4 off the 5 days.

                                Dag 1
                                The night before the first walking day I had no nightshift so I good start that day.
                                The start on the first day was from Restaurant Johanna's Hof in Castricum.
                                You good choose from 3 distances, 7
,5 15 and 25 Km, I choose for the 25 Km and good start around 9:30
                                Today you walked through the forest and dune area in the direction of Wijk aan zee.
                                During the walk there was lots to see like a sailplane field, little lakes and wild cows called Scottish Highlanders,
                                so watch your step, you never know where you put your feet in.
                                At Wijk aan zee you go by Restaurant Sonnevanck on the beach and walk to the north, when you reach beach pole
                                46-000 you go over a small dune entrance back in to the dune area.
                                There you pass again the field where the sailplanes start and land, after some small pads through the forest and
                                dune area you come finally back at Restaurant Johanna's Hof.
                                This day you walk about 80% over forest, dune paths and beach, the other 20% is over hard service road.
                                At every stamping post they have something for you, like an apple, mandarin, candy bar or Penny waffle.

Bilder Dag 1


                                Dag 2

                                Dag 2 I did not start got back to late out of my nightshift.


                                Dag 3

                                 I was on time back home so I good also start today and this day we started from the clubhouse of ski club Il Primo
                                on the Black road in Bergen.
                                From the Ski club we go direct into the forest to walk over a nice planed route.
                                The first stamping post was near a concrete round thing called het Koepeltje.
                                Me, born in Bergen, had never seen this Koepeltje, I heard that it was from the first world war, this was a place where
                                you good feed horses during the war, a different thing to see.
                                We had to go on in the direction of Bergen aan zee, after a part over the beach we take the main entrance to go of
                                the beach to get send into the dune area what is laying next to Bergen aan zee.
                                Also here you can run into the Scottish Highlanders who take here care of the grass in the dunes.
                                After walking in a circle through the dune area we went back on the beach, to get at beach pole 34-500 back over de
                                dunes into the dune area and go in the direction of Gasterij 't Woud between Bergen and Egmond.
                                From there we go through the forest and dunes back to the Ski club in Bergen.
                                On the way back I run into horses who also live free in this area, I new it about the Highland cows but not about
                                the horses who live here also.
                                Today was about 50% over roads and 50% over forest, dune paths and beach.
                                Also this day you can get something at the stamping post like a banana, apple, mandarin, candy bar o bottle water.

Bilder Dag 3


                                        Dag 4

                                This day I good also start, I was a little later out of my nightshift but I get enough rest, so I went to Cultural Centre
                                De Blinkerd in Schoorl where the start was on this day.
                                After some back streets in Schoorl we go into the forest but not the easy way, no we got a steep 50 step stairs straight
                                over a dune and behind that was also a dune without stairs, so within 2 Km you had already sore legs.
                                After this we went on through the forest and came almost close to Ski club Il Primo in Bergen from the day before.
                                From the there the route went over a Schell path called Blijdensteinsweg in the direction of Bergen aan zee where at
                                Restaurant Zilte Zoen a rest and stamping post was, here some people enjoyed a cup of coffee or tea
                                Opposite of the restaurant we went on the beach heading north, with the wind in the back.
                                At beach pole 29-250 we took the entrance over the dunes back in to the dune and forest area to finally get at the next
                                stamping post situated at Restaurant De Berenkuil.
                                The last part was through the forest who was hit by fire in August 2009 there you still saw the traces off destruction
                                what the fire had left behind.
                                After leaving this area we went down 3 small stairs and walked a little piece through Catrijp to get finally back at
                                Cultural Centre De Blinkerd.
                                Just like the days before was there enough refreshment to get at the stamping posts.
                                This day went about 40% over Schell paths, 10% normal road and 50 % over beach, dune and forest paths.


Bilder Dag 4


                                Dag 5

                                The Last day the start was at Restaurant De Goudvis in St. Maartensvlotbrug, also a nice location with enough space
                                to park your car, well chosen by the organisation.
                                When you start you go across the road ( N502) in front of the restaurant over in the direction off Petten.
                                Here you walk by the
Energy research Centre Netherlands (ECN) and go into the Pettemer dunes to go through a little
                                forest and get back to the main road N502 where you have sight on the dike called " The Guard ", this is one off three
                                defence dikes off the Hondsbosse Zeewering.
                                After a small piece passing the Southside of the town Petten we go over the dike to the north with the North sea on your
                                left side, to come finally on the north side of the town Petten.
                                From there we go straight into the dune area on the back of ECN to get at the beach from St. Maartenzee.
                                On the beach we go again to the north for 4 Km with again a cool back wind.
                                At Callantsoog we leave the beach behind, go through the town over the westerweg and the N502 in the direction of
                                St. Maartensvlotbrug to finish at Restaurant De Goudvis where your medal is waiting for you for the days you walked.
                                Also this day was good organized.
                                Today you walked a lot over normal road, about 75% and 25% beach and forest and
dune paths.


Bilder Dag 5

                                    Conclusion: Nice and good organized event. Distances you can walk here 7,5 15 and 25 Km.
                                                 When you are loving the Dutch coast area then is this the place to be, with nice routes through the forest and
                                                 dune area from North Holland.
Very nice to walk for one time



Mer information på website: www.herfst5daagse.nl (uteslutande i Nederländska)

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