Diploma's and Medals

Over here i show all my Diploma's and Medals i walk together the last view years.

First the Diploma's and Medals from the 4 days off Nijmegen.


Diploma's and Medals from Polcirkelmarschen, Sweden / Finland.


Diploma's and Medals from Sollefteå Nipstadsmarschen, Sweden - Bornholm Rundt Marchen, Danmark and Vaasan Marssi, Finland.


Overhere the Medals from The Four Days of Nijmegen + the pin from the canceled four days of 2006, The Golden Four Days Cross ( 10 X )
The National Red Cross Blossom Walk
, The Birdwalking Tour, 
The 24e Capitulation - Liberty tour, The Police walking tour Kennemerland, The Arctic Circle march, The Nipstadsmarch,
The Bornholm rundt march, The Vaasan march, The Airborne walk, Southern Sea walk 2007 and 2009,
Marche de l'Armée, The Haervejsmarch, 
Alkmaarse walking four days, Kooikertocht, Rounding Ameland March, 2 x SagaMarsjen in Norway, Evening four days walk Bergen, The IslandsPolder Event,
The Walking Marathon Streekbos, 3 X Evening 4Days Schoorl Groet, 2 X The Walking Four days of Apeldoorn, the front and the backside of the medal from the 5 days Autum walkingevent.
As last the new medal of the four days of Alkmaar with a pin for the fifth time a participate in that.
Also the reward for walking the event Blooming Zijpe 2009 and 2010 ( little bag with flower bulbs ) and a peek on my Wall of Fame how i put it up at home .



update on  23th June '12