De National Röd Kors Blomning Vandring 2009.

The Blossom walk is every year in April and you start at the local fruit auction building in Geldermalsen.
This Year the event was held for the 17th time and I did walk it for the 5th time.
Just like last year I waited for the weather forecast for the walking day, and it looked very good so I decided to go.
Because of the perfect weather, sunny but not to hot for walking, around 17
°C, where there 29.600 walkers.
Again a new record for the organisation, in 2007 they had already 25.420 walkers,
in 2008 there where 27.343 participants and this time even more.
Last year they added a second route made for the Nordic Walkers, this year they added another route so the
Nordic Walkers good choose now for 9, 16 or 22 Km.
When your are walking, the route brings you through fields off apple and pear trees who are full in blossom,
and it also brings you over a pontoon-bridge made specially for this event by the Dutch army over the river the Linge.
This walk is half over paved road and half over path through fruit orchards.
The distance you can choose for this one day event are 8, 15, 25 or 40 km and off course
the three routes for Nordic Walking over a distance of 9, 16 or 22 Km.
When you on your way there are a couple rest points where you can get refreshments and listen to music.
I had good fun this year walking but for me was this the last time for the moment,
and that's because its getting to busy on the routes.
But for someone who's reading this and want to walk this event next year,
you can come to the Netherlands and walk this on the 17th of April 2010.


De här ser dej ifall dej längs de älv Linge lopp. De här är bilder från 2003           
Bilder från vandring i 2007 
och från 2008 Bilder från vandring i 2009


Mer över dessa tur , här (in Dutch)

Här kanna dej mina Diplom och Medalj spana in                  


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