Ameland Rundt March 2008

I wanted to do this, so I did it and completed it, but I must say on the end it was very though with
the last 15 / 20 Km over the beach on the North sea side off Ameland.
Between 4 and 4.30 in the morning everybody had too be in "ons Hol " ( a  community centre ) in the town of Hollum,
there you good take a cup off coffee or thee before you started at 5 O'clock.
I think there where around 250 walkers who started in this 12th rondje Ameland.
First we went in the direction off the lighthouse on the west side of the island,
after you passed the lighthouse you came on the beach.
After a short piece off beach the route goes into the dunes where you pass the grave monument from the 8 horses who
died in a rescue attempt in 1979 when they had to pull the beach rescue boat 
' Mr. Adriaan de Bruine ' in to the sea.
When you let the dunes behind you they send you on the inside off the sea dike in the direction of the town Nes.
On the bottom of the dike runs a road that you must follow but you are not alone there, no there are sheep and to separate
the different herds they put down fences and stock guards in the road what is a very difficult object to take when you walk.
Sheep are funny animals to look at but sometimes they drop something on the road where you walk and with the little rain
we had it starts to get a little messy, but the sheep are a part off the island so we may not complain about it.
From Nes, where also the ferry ( ) arrives from Holwerd, you walk in the direction of the
nature reserve park named "het Oerd " what's on the east side from Ameland.
Before you come there you pass one of the many control points where you also can get some refreshments.
By this control point named " post Kooiplaats " they give you a lunch bag (Current bun, roll salted licorice, Mars
candy bar, roll Dextro Energy, very tasty sausage and a package juice ) and also they gave me a bidon water that I good keep.
At "het Oerd " is a nice observation post where you have a beautiful view over the nature reserve park what you later
go across to reach the north side of the island where you walk over the beach back in the direction of the town Hollum.
When you come back in the town of Hollum, they welcome you with a red rose ( 1 Km for the finish )
and music at the finish where the have a little welcome party for all the participants.
This was a very challenging walking event over almost 50 Km whit about 50% paved road and
the other 50% you walk over beach and through the nature reserve park.
When you decide to do this you only have to bring with you a bottle off water because the organization
takes good care for you with all kinds of refreshments and food like a sandwich with
cheese or ham, coffee, thee, bouillon and off course the lunch bag
Can only say it was a very good organized event what I shall do again, so see you in the future on the island off Ameland.

Vad du ser på Ameland   bilder från häster grav är inte från mig.


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